Eviction Night: As The Competition Flames on, Debbie and Christian Shine

Project Fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You know the rest)


The stage opened up with Project Fame West Africa contestants –with their respective colourful Lagbaja’s face coverings and performed some of the legendary musician’s hits songs including “Kulu Tempa” and “Konko Below” which earned them a standing ovation.





The delectable hosts, Joseph Benjamin and Bolanle Olukani who looked very nice in their attires announced that two more contestants would sadly leave the competition and highlights from the probation party was previewed, with activities from Evicted contestants, Kofo, Lasbrey, Melody and David.

The curtains re-open as all contestants were on stage except Wild Card, Daniella who recently joined in the competition.

Sadly, Laami, Taiwo, Debbie and Christian were placed on probation for possible eviction –as they got the least number of overall votes.

The battle continues, contestants who were placed on probation would re-battle again to save their spot! Oge who was quite nervous on stage did her rendition of Chidinma’s “Oh Baby”, the judges who commended her wonderful voice thought she was a bit lost on stage, while Faculty Kaffeh thought it was a fair performance.

Taiwo gave a convincing performance to “Komole” by Sean Tizzle – apparently, the audience loved his “waist whining”. Judge Ty-Mix, thought it was better than his Last week’s performance, and Uncle Ben thought it was pure entertainment.

“Ukwulicious” (as the audience call her) Laami did good as she performed Cynthia Morgan’s hit “Don’t Break My Heart”. The Faculty commended that she was more “in-charge” of her stage, the judges complimented that it was better than her performance last week.

So the high points of night – Christian performed resoundly and wonderfully to Project Fame west Africa’s Alumni, kesse’s single “Treat Her Royal” that both the judges and faculty thought he was in control of everything –his audience, his band, and the stage and commended his solid performance.







Next up! On the high points of the night was sexy Debbie, as she shone, sang, danced and you could see the excitement all over her when she re-performed “Body Hug” by Monica; it was fun to watch!

The judges commended that this was her best performance ever and wishes her the best, while the judges concurred that it was an amazing performance as they wished her the best as well.

The competition got more interesting as Roy (first Runner Up from Season 4) performed his recent single “Omalicha Nwa”.

The moment of truth came – the judges saved Christian, Faculty saved Debbie and the other contestants who were not placed on probation saved Taiwo!

It was a sad exit for the two wonderful voices, Laami and Oge – they expressed their gratitude and promised to be the best.

As the curtains fall ­­- Laami performed Anita Baker’s “Rapture Of Love” and Oge took up Mariah Carey’s “I Wanna Know What Love Is”.

Stay tuned to us for more amazing moments from the MTN project Fame West Africa’s stage.

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