This Summer, MUSON CENTRE SCHOOL OF MUSIC will host the Sight Read like A Pro (SLAP) Music Workshop


Do you Play the Drum, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Percussion, Trumpet, Orchestra, etc… . This is For You

There’s more to a musical instrument than just knowing how to play it, its equally important to know how to sight read.

You can learn how to read sheet music in one day at the Sight Read Like A Pro ( SLAP ) Workshop with just 5500 Naira.

The workshop is 2- day workshop that aims to teach musicians, music teachers, music students choristers, instrumentalists and freelancers how to read sheet music from different genres ie : High life, Jazz, Contemporary etc.

The instruments of focus are the keyboard, piano, saxophone, trumpets, bass guitar, lead guitar, voice (singers), drum, percussion’s, and orchestra instruments, each instrument will have a dedicated MUSON/ABRSM (London) trained facilitators selected from the MUSON Alumni.

– Dates : 22nd & 23rd August 2014
– Time: 9am- 4pm
– Fee: N5,500
– Venue: MUSON CENTRE SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Lagos, Nigeria.


General Introduction to Music notation (60minutes)
Staff (lines and spaces identification) Clefs
Key signature
Time signature
Notes /rest identification and duration
Clapping to time
Singing pitch

Practical sight reading
Learning of peculiarities of instruments ie. Tablature will be taught in guitar class.
Other peculiarities:
Transposition (trumpet and saxophone class)
Chord progressions (keyboard, piano, guitar)
Vocal range and registers( voice class)

Graded Music and its importance
How to register and prepare for graded exams such as MUSON/ ABRSM, Trinity, Guild Hall.
Benefit of having Music Certificates.

How to apply to study Music
Basic certificates needed to apply for a degree in music.
How to prepare for auditions.
The MUSON diploma school and its affiliations
Successful Nigerians in the diaspora.

Performing from sheet music
Performing in ensembles, band, orchestra with live examples Orchestra, jam session
Sheet music of popular genre ie: Arrangements
Music stand

The MUSON diploma school / applying to study music abroad

*MUSON/ ABRSM Graded music exams/certification

* Understanding Soft wares for sheet music notations and general playing/singing technique.

The workshop will conclude with a jam session exploring music of diverse genres.

Participants can register online at
Forms Available at MUSON Centre Lagos
Music shops in Lagos

COURSE FEE = N 5,500 per participant, each day.

– Register and book your seat ahead of training.

– Dress code: Casual

– Multiple bookings (Churches /Bands/Group ) get a 10% discount.

– 10% discounts on first 50 participants to register.

– Other freebies such as registration for music exams, free music books and instruments accessories.

Participants are to come with their instruments except instruments that are difficult to move around.

Please call
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