Mo Eazy Pulls A Shocking Performance At Love Like A Movie 2

Many guests who attended the Love Like A Movie 2 event last weekend in Lagos are still dreaming in awe of the spectacular things they witnessed at the valentine event. The world-class production which featured Kelly RowlandDareyWajeTimi DakoloZaina and many more, was arguably one of the best events ever witnessed in Nigeria.

Mo Eazy 1

One of the most talked about performances that rocked the night was from Mo Eazy. The energy from the stage was so overwhelming; it had everyone dancing from the front row, all the way back to the security post. Mo Eazy’s performance was loud, fast and very exciting, so much so that; at the end of the event, the organizers decided to bring Mo Eazy back onstage for a repeat performance to the delight of the crowd.

Check out these clip and photos from Mo Eazy’s Love Like A Movie 2 performance on stage.

Mo Eazy 5 Mo Eazy 4 Mo Eazy 2



See more reactions to Mo Eazy’s performance on Storify http://bit.ly/1jOmA7q

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