PHOTOS:Alex Ekubo,Ik Ogbonna &Others Model for the SS 2014 Jason Porshe Collection – “Skyfall”

Nigerian Luxury Bespoke fashion design label “Jason Porshe” is a brand which solely focuses on bespoke tailoring.

Established in 2012, the young creative director, Jason Samuel, has created and named this collection “skyfall”,which he also tagged the glorious return of the 20?s. The Jason Porshe Spring/Summer 2014 collection has a focus on men who are stylish, classy, yet old school & vintage.

The pieces from this collection emphasize the body line, which were made to fit and re-define classic masculinity in a fashionable way. The collection includes tuxedos with one row of buttons, plaid trousers, trench coats, detailed coats, and elegant suits; and the color palette varies from classical to neutral shades.

View the collection:

HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_1 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_13 Jason-Porshe-Skyfall-Collection-Lookbook- HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_14 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_1 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_15 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_2 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_3 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_7 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_5 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_6 HorploadWorks_JasonPorsheClothing_4


Creative director: Jason Samuel (jason porshe)
Stylist: Emmy Kasbit, Ogagus; Co-stylist: Jason Samuel
Photography: Tope Horpload for Horpload Works
Models: Alex Ekubo, Bryan Okwara, Ik Ogbonna, Victor Kwen, and Michael Bassey

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