Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey may not mean much to you until “Goldie” is attached somewhere in the name. Born of a lowly yet music friendly family, Ms Harvey grew up loving music and the bible. Of Ekiti origin, Ms Harvey became an international icon in music and brought back class to Nigeria. Something very unnatural took me to her official website, maybe it was the remembrance of her exit in February 2013 or maybe I was in search of answers why the pretty and talented have to be picked by the cold hands of death each time he visits.



goldie harvey-olorisupergal

Sad as it was, it has been a year since she slept eternally, but as believers, there is a hope that she would be seen someday, on a fine morning. Goldie, the music star and the representative of a burning coal in womanhood had talent and a charm anyone could connect with. No one is perfect but she was an idol to look forward to until death spoke a different language.

Goldie meant many things to many people. Some of those who knew her from her days at the BBA in 2012 may have their testimonies. She came in strongly to the house. Her emergence into the Nigeria music had also been described as very inspiring; with breathe taking videos, where she won hearts as the “Lady Gaga” of Africa. Sadly she died quite young but her place as a pursuer of dreams and an inspiration to uncountable ladies across the world would not be muddled up.

While remembering her contributions to the industry and the prints she left in the sand, it is only fair that we remembered to take our health seriously. Remembering Goldie Harvey may not be the best Valentine gift for your partner but checking your medical status to ensure you are healthy would make a great start.

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