“I Did Not Buy Four Cars In One Day” – Iyanya

The story of Iyanya buying four different cars at a go recently hit the tabloids and there was a lot of controversy over how true the story was; well the Kukere master has taken it upon himself to clear the air on this particular issue, he gave an exclusive story to E Punch and you can read his statement below:

“I didn’t buy four cars in one day o. I only bought just one which I posted on Instagram. So I don’t know where people got their own story from. We have four cars in this house. I also do not get it when people say we (artistes) show off on social media.

“I mean if God has blessed me, there is no reason to hide that. We are not showing off. After all, everyone knows Inyanya’s story. Whenever I post pictures of my cars or money on Instragram, the public should understand that it is just my own way of saying if God can do it for me, He can for you too.”

He also tells E-Punch that he has very loyal fans overseas, the evidence, he says, are the constant sold-out shows.

“I am not half as appreciated in Nigeria as I am overseas. I guess that is the many rewards that ‘Kukere’ has earned me within a short period of time.  The track is the most requested of all my songs at home and abroad. The Soul Train nomination was the icing on the cake for me, I felt proud walking and sitting close to my role models at the award ceremony. It was a life-changing moment for me,” he says.

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