Interview: Expect The Best Of Music At #ClubUltimate Event This Weekend – Dj Jimmy Jatt

Cool Dj Jimmy Jatt  remains one of the most revered DJs in Nigeria and Africa.



He’s also not planning to engage Dj Humility, Dj Xclusive and Dj Neptune  in a battle. Dj Jimmy Jatt emphasized during an interview last weekend –  ‘I wont be battling anyone, even if there’s $1m on the table. I’m just getting ready for the gig of the year, The Club Ultimate’.





Dj Jimmy Jatt  had a chat with our correspondent on what the ‘Groove’ is all about.


Read below;


This is Gulder’s way of saying thank you for the year because it is coming at the end of the year. The Christmas and New year put together kind of groove. It is a good brand because people have identified with the brand over the years and it is a good time to place the year on a good tempo. There will be no DJ Battle at the event. The four Dj’s are going to work as a team you know like a football team. We will make sure everyone is happy. We will not go with the battle mindset. My fans should expect good music. I will be playing all genre of music this weekend. I will be giving my fans a great time at the event and that is more than enough.





Dj Jimmy Jatt will join other star performers for the Lagos edition of Gulder #ClubUltimate holding this weekend at Oceanview in Lagos.


Be there!!!!!




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