Leaked Video Shows Chinese Sex Workers Being Taught How To Use Social Media To Make More Money

Orisirisi.. Wonders shall never end.


A video that appears to show a group of Chinese prostitutes on a crash course on how to use the internet to better peddle their services has gone viral online.

The two-minute clip begins with an instructor – dressed in a smart black suit and white shirt – telling the vice girls that social media, such as Chinese Twitter, is not only the best way to market themselves to ‘rich clients’ but also to siphon off ‘losers’.

The leaked video captures the teacher explaining how her course will teach them something ‘practical’ so they can boost their client pool and make more money.

‘All of you want to have more clients – more tips, right?’ the lecturer says on the video. ‘I will teach you how to use social networking media skills to expand your client base.’


It appears to have been recorded by one of the students on her mobile phone and was leaked on the internet in February.

‘I want to teach you guys something practical so we can increase the number of clients we can reach,’ she tells her class.

‘Whether it is Momo or WeChat, or Weibo, they are all very easy to use,’ she adds, referring to three popular social media services in China.

Don’t try this in Nigeria ooo.




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