ne of Nigeria’s most popular actors Pa Kasumu lives in a Lagos slum. We were was shocked to discover that an actor of Pa Kasumu’s calibre resides in a multi-tenanted rooming apartment building, commonly referred to as ‘face-me-I-face-you.  At No 9 Alayaki street in the densely-populatedMushin area of Lagos where Pa Kasumu lives is no different from your typical Lagos slum. It’s surprising to discover that an actor of Pa Kasumu’s calibre resides in a multi-tenanted rooming apartment building, commonly referred to as ‘face-me-I-face-you’.


Inside Pa Kasumu’s Bathroom and Toilet

‘Can you imagine I pay N150,000 every year for this apartment’, Pa Kasumu told our correspondent, referring to his one bedroom and parlour apartment. The actor’s room is in the upper part of the building where he shares a toilet and bathroom with many other occupants also living on the top floor. The building is not only dilapidated but also gross with filth and debris in and around the compound. Typical of this kind of living environment, households have to share facilities like the toilet, bathrooms and kitchen.

We visited the actor on Thursday October 17 , 2013. Pa Kasumu tries to speak, but is clearly inaudible enough to overcome the loud noise coming from the speaker of a nearby mosque. His second son, Babajide Odumosu who was at home to take care of him was happy to give our correspondent an update on the events so far.

This environment is really not helping him’ Babajide said. ‘The doctors say he needs a lot of rest. As you can see, there is no way he will be able to get that with this noise you are hearing right now. The worst part is, there is another speaker very close to his window on his bedside’

A week ago, the Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola became interested in Pa Kasumu’s condition and offered to help with the treatment. Babajide told us that they had undergone the series of test like the Governor instructed and are still waiting for further instruction from the governor. ‘The Governor had asked for my father to go through series of tests. The doctors have fully examined him and have sent Governor Fashola a report. We are still waiting to for the next step.’

Meanwhile the family told NET that the Lagos State Government’s effort to ascertain the nature and extent of Pa Kasumu’s ailment has taken him to three specialist centres.

‘We were referred us to First Cardiology Consultants somewhere in Ikoyi. They did some test there and they referred us to a specialist laboratory, Mecure Diagnostic Centre in Lekki. There some more tests were done and we later proceeded to Crestview Radiology in Victoria Island. The results of the tests have been concluded and I’m sure the report would have reached the governor by now’.

From the recent tests carried out, it was discovered that the ailment is spreading to other organs in his body. ‘According to the results, not only are his heart and liver affected, his brain and sight have become slightly affected, hence his inaudibility and inability to see as well as before.’

But there is also good news. ‘The good news is that, the doctors have said that there wouldn’t necessarily be a need for a transplant or surgery’, Babajide explained. ‘He would have to undergo heavy physiotherapy and expensive medication for the rest of his life’

In 2011, news went viral that Pa Kasumu reportedly suffered from stroke, but was able to bounce back and made it to the first edition of Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) held in Lagos in March 2013.

Reacting to some of the reports that Fashola has made the N12 million donation, Pa Kasumu’s first son,Tunde Odumosu told NET,‘The Governor himself has not said that he will foot the entire bill. He paid for the series of medical tests and so we as humans are just being hopeful that he will do more’

Tunde also expressed his excitement over the Governor’s interest in his father’s case. ‘We know that the Governor is a very busy man and we cannot expect him to leave other things he is doing and focus on my father’s problem. That’s why we are still keeping our options open by seeking funds from other sources and hoping that Nigerians will help’

On how much has been realised from the donations made so far, Babajide says just a little above a million. ‘A commissioner in Lagos State made quite a huge donation and a few friends of my father in the industry also made donations. I think right now, we have a little above one million Naira so far if I am not mistaken’


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