Music Video Review: “Bubugaga- remix” by Mr. 2Kay

Director: Nosa Igbinedion


One thing I look forward to in music videos is strict adherence to lyrics, and genre, which would likely lead to accurate play-out of performances. When it is a love song, there should be love in the video or things like that. And I hate stereotypes, especially when nothing is added to spice it up. Bubugaga’s remix video has additional rendition by Moelogo and the alluring May7ven and I love her in the music video. May7ven is beautiful and she moves energetically too. She did nothing short of good dancing in the video and her costumes looked splendid.


The remix of Bubugaga is a dance track, same as the original. It extols the all-encompassing backside of the African woman and what it triggers in a man, especially the right one, which Mr. 2Kay went in search of, in the video. He rejects those he felt had little to show despite prompting from the director of ladies, Moelogo. The video has a lot of moderate yet captivating sights. The interpretation is mildly what the lyric presents and shot indoors.


I don’t know Nosa Igbinedion, the director of the video. He is UK based. But I think he is a great dude and he needs to keep up his skills. And May7ven added sexuality and energy to the video. I don’t have many issues with indoor shots unless it is badly mixed with unnecessary colours. So far, the video is watchable and there is a prize on its 4 sentences review. Check it out.


By @saintvinny



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