Director: JRSaint of JRSaint Visuals

Ice Prince has a lot of ice when it comes to commercial rap. His joint with French Montana is splendid. His words don’t fail him. Ice Prince keeps at what he does and does it well.

The video for “I Swear” is a simple rap video, probably shot in haste because it has to be done. It started with Ice Prince’s entrance into a yard; a typical hood for hustlers. Ice forms on the see-through gate that’s opened for him by some half dressed ladies – not bad for my taste. There is a burning fire, to light the hood while the boys brag. And Ice Prince walks to a room, open up a briefcase and finds his precious stones and money.

This video plays with a lot of light and few contents. I am unsure what it was that was responsible for the lapses.

A lot is said about the kind of money controlled by Mr. Montana and we see none of the mentioned, except the ladies who kept a great pace of dancing. Maybe some inserted images of rough days or the good days and some of the cars would have worked.

Maybe some dogs; real weapons and some very hardcore stuff, like fierce bodyguards would have convinced me that it is a done deal. But wardrobe was not bad. Ice Prince is just good the way he appears. He is a good boy who sings about bad things but can’t act it in videos.

I needed to see him squeeze whatever he was attempting to picture in the lyrics. But maybe it was a teaser. Any day, I would listen to Ice Prince. I think he is good with international collaborations. Watch the video HERE and hit him up of Twitter with your view.




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