Terrorists Caught By CCTV Aiming At Cowering Hostages At Nairobi Mall

This is the horrifying moment one of the terrorists in the Kenyan shopping centre attack levelled his gun at cowering hostages, ready to execute them.

The attacker, wearing a camouflage jacket and facemask, points a handgun at customers in a bank as they lie under a counter with their hands around their heads.

The CCTV pictures were taken inside the Diamond Trust Bank on the ground floor of the Westgate shopping mall in the early stages of the hostage crisis.


Another picture shows three fighters brandishing rifles at the entrance to the shopping centre, one of them apparently wearing  a traditional Islamic robe and pointing at a figure cowering  in the corner.

In other images, women and children are shown on the roof of the building among the blood-stained bodies of the dead and injured.




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