Interview With Agbani Darego On Her New Clothing Line ‘AD By Agbani Darego’

Good afternoon Agbani, I’m Qawiyah, a reporter with and I would love to ask you a few questions concerning the AD showroom you have just opened:

•What are your expectations from this?
I am hopeful that people get to come and take a look at the line and see what I created. I’m hopeful that they appreciate the effort,the pricing and the quality of this product. I’m hopeful that they would buy it and support me.

 •Tell us why you moved into fashion and the reason why the clothing line is named AD.
The denim line is one thing that I have launched so I hope to expand the AD Brand to be more of a youthful brand so as the years go on I hope to introduce more products into the AD Brand. In Five years, I hope to be recognized all over that is globally not just in Nigeria and Africa alone.

•How is your role as Arik Ambassador like?
Good, actually today is Aviation day so yesterday I attended and event at Eko hotel for Arik air, Arik air has being supportive to me. I appreciate being the face of such a unique brand.

• What advice do you have for young Models out there?
They should work hard at what they do , they all think modeling is a fun, easy and glamorous job; yes it has its fun and glamour, but it is also hard work. being a model one has to be very professional , its a tough job being a model because for every ‘yes’ you receive, you have probably gotten five or more ‘No’s, just be yourself work very hard, you would achieve what you want to achieve.
•How do you feel about being the first black Miss world?
I feel absolutely honored to have the privilege to be the first and only black African Miss world today. Its a blessing , I’m forever thankful to God for the opportunity and honor to be the first and only African miss world.

•What charitable ventures are you into?
I basically lend my support to every charitable organization I see is achieving and making a wonderful impact in the society as long as I trust that they are doing what they say they would do and I see that the work is being done I raise money for them or whatever way I can support such charitable organization in that regard.

 Thank you for your time.
 Agbani Darego’s new clothing line ‘AD By Agbani Darego’ will be launched officially in October 2013.
 We will bring more info on that. Stay with us.








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