Here Is Another List | Top Ten Most Gifted Nigerian Rappers

Following controversies after the release of the Top Ten Most Gifted Nigerian Rappers by Notjustok; in my own opinion I think the list is better written this way.

Not trying to Impress anyone; but I feel there are few errors on Notjustok’s list. And there is a different between and Emcee and a Rapper do not make mistakes; this list is based on relevance,wordplay ability, delivery style, rhyming and punchlines.


1-Dagrin: RIP TO THE KING; He was the first rapper to blow up from the underground battling scene and he always talks about real stuff unlike Vector and all the other mainstream rappers. He said it before he died “loto mo n rap n yoruba but ee le mi ba EMI NI OBA bring all the ace wey dy d bar” By the way I started listening to Dagrin a while after he died Dapo Olaonipekun treats rap as what it should be, an art-form, not just entertainment. Poetry not nursery rhymes, intellect more so than wit. Even in his casual songs strictly for entertainment he still displays a tremendous level of talent. He is immensely passionate about his poetry and has something real to say.

Dagrin will forever be the greatest rapper ever… Period!

2-Jesse Jagz–Best flow, best lyrics, best beats, best singing, voice, best rapper ever he’s best artist ever.His metaphors and word play are crazy and his lyrics are probably the best ever.He has a song for whatever mood your in, If you need to get pumped up you have him; even when sorrowful you still got him.


3-Vector-is one of the best rappers of all time because of his insane lyricism, wide variety of insane beats and production, Rapping for the people not for the money; it doesnt get better than that; he has sick punchlines too, His slow rhymes, lyrics and flows is something to take note of.


4-Olamide-He is the flyest rapper ever and represents every ghetto around the world. I can understand his nasty lyrics and he will truly change the Nigeria state of MInd; His raps are genius, you can actually picture what he’s saying… Story to tell; He’s made every
type of song out there, whether it’s rap, pop, hip-hop, rock or even anything, this guy has definitely been on top, KO DUROSKE OOOOO


5-Eva--Why do we have to rank Only Male; no girls are doing it better yeah; With maximum meaning loaded to the lyric content and zero swearing in her songs this place is untouchable.


6-PHENOM-aka the Knight House General Age Phenom has this spot because he doesnt care and hide who he is he accepts himself for him and he doesnt care that he does, I dont know what to say about him, but removing his name from this list is gonna be a mistake, its deserved

7-Yung6ix-Ignore his tweet about being the greatest rapper in Nigeria but here is it He’s the hottest up-and-coming male rapper on the scene, but he’s not just another pretty face. Those who look beyond this hip-hop chanteur’s sultry style will find complex rhymes that address the trials and contradictions of being a male rapper in the 21st century. Keep your eyes on this one–and not just because he’s easy to look at!


8-M.I--He is the first hip hop artist in Nigeria to FULLY satisfy both hardcore rap heads, while at the same time meeting the needs of party freaks. His Classic mix-tape, “Illegal Music” is simply fantastic to say the least and should be on the shelf of every true rap head. Of course I don’t have to say much about his ground breaking debut “Talk about it”, which apart from being a huge success, served as a
springboard for the careers of artists such as “General Pype”, “YQ”, and of course “Wizkid”. With yet another wonderful album (MI2), this J-town rapper is slowing down tho but should go back to his past momentum, there’s no doubt that he’ll definitely top a future version of this list.


9-Ruggedman–Mr. Controversy himself! I believe Ruggedman recorded the first most popular diss song in Nigeria. Regardless your opinion, the strategy paid off and had the entire media in a frenzy at the time.

Having three albums to his credit, the Baraje master has remained active on the scene since 2004 and has done well for himself in the
business sense, securing endorsements from heavyweight companies like Nokia in the process. This engineering graduate seems not to have lost his touch for being linked with one controversy or the other, as seen recently in the whole Nice and Toni Payne issue. So not everyone might approve of his tactics but Mr. Ugochukwu is still smiling all the way to the bank and makes this list for his impact on the Nigerian music scene.


Albums: Thy Album Come (2004), Ruggedeybaba (2007), Untouchable (2010)

10-Phyno–It take super talent to be excellent in your dialect; especially when it is Igbo. He has style, rhythm Unlike most rappers here full of hate and cursing when Phyno hops the mic you already know what it is; he has style and class his hit single MULTIPLY REMIX” which featured the likes of Timaya, Mr Raw, Flavour and M.I got alot of attention and made it clear that this brother had alot to showcase.


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