Review By @SaintVinny | Peter Okoye’s Stupendous Marriage Proposal

The duo of P-Square has a way of telling it to the faces of the many hustling Nigerian men who are dreamers.



The first on the list of squeezing sanity away from us was the recording of a song entitled “Chop my Money”. The ladies wouldn’t stop asking the men to sing the song and adhere to its lyrics. Many couldn’t. I couldn’t either. We lost our ‘dearest’ girlfriends. On cold nights we wore more protective clothes. We had tea instead of cuddling. Sad as it happened, we moved on.



Recently, one of the duos, Peter Okoye, that very troublesome one, didn’t do something different. The young man proposed to his long time girlfriend, Lola Omotayo, in the most stupendous way ever. He bought a 2013 model Range Rover and added some diamond studded ring to it. Wow! Isn’t that some threat to us? I am too ashamed to talk about how he got to Lola. It is embarrassing. I learned Nigerian girls have changed their line of prayer. They wish to have a man who would propose to them in such form.

Imagine you going to a girl’s place to propose shortly after Peter’s. Let’s say she lived next to Lola. I think she wouldn’t hold back a slap if all you bring is some miserable flower without a car or a diamond ring.

While I am envious, I pray our girls understand us. We will get there. Lola waited. In short, she gave him 2 children. Who is the lady who would do same to us and be hopeful for a car someday? Shout out to all the Nigerian girls who have been supportive to their men, despite the state of the pockets!




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