How Many Jackets Did Denrele Edun Wear At #ClubUltimate Party?

It’s looks like Denrele Edun and Nike Peller did some magic at Club Ultimate party which took place on July 26th, 2013 at Aztech Arcum in Port Harcourt.



Denrele wore the 2013 collection of Buttons Couture  and sources said that he  wore 9 jackets at the event.


Wait a minute!! How did he cope???



Check the jackets out



Denrele and guests



Denrele 1




Denrele and guest

Denrele and guest




Beverly Naya, Denrele and Omalicha

Beverly Naya, Denrele and Omalicha



Beverly Naya and Denrele 1

Beverly Naya and Denrele










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