Mr Raw Calls for Greater Structure in the Nigerian Music Industry

With over 13 years in the music industry, if there’s anyone who has seen it all, or at least most of it, it’s Mr Raw- and apparently he’s far from satisfied.


The award-winning musician noted his dissatisfaction with the structure of the Nigerian music industry, reiterating the need for greater accountability, the end of piracy as well as the entrenchment of such measures that would fully validate artistes’ professional offerings.


Mr Raw shared his thoughts during a lively chat on MagicFMAba when he and fellow artiste Timaya dropped by for a friendly shout out, hours before performing at the 5th leg of the Star Music Trek concert which held at the Recreation Club Aba on July 7th 2013.


The lack of a credible structure in the Nigerian music industry has long been a bane to the development of the sector and it’s refreshing to see more artistes coming out to identify the problems and proffer viable solutions through their art and various discussions.

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