Ramadan Message: Nigeria Needs Deliverance – Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Former Governor of Lagos, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has called on all Muslims to embrace the virtues  of personal sacrifice, self-discipline and tolerance during the holy month of Ramadan. According to the National Leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, the country is at a crucial stage in which it needs more supplication and prayers for it to continue to survive as an entity.

“The Muslim Ramadan period offers the vast Muslims in this country and elsewhere the opportunity to pray for Nigeria. Nigeria needs deliverance from poverty, corruption, visionless leaders, wicked rulers and all purveyors of falsehood. The spirit of death hangs over our country and we must all pray for a change that is beneficial to all,” he said.

Tinubu urged all religious leaders from different faiths not to leave the Muslims alone to do it all during this Ramadan season but to in their own way offer prayers and seek to imbibe the virtues of peace, sacrifice and forgiveness.

“The greater burden is however of the political leadership; those that run the affairs of State. Power is God-given and if we mis-use such powers, if we fail to better the lives of the millions we rule over, if we chastise the citizenry rather than lessen their burden, if we violate the fundamental rights of the ordinary Nigerian, then that power they wield will be taken away in due time. The people’s will ultimately triumphs.”

The former governor enjoined all muslims to see this period as one in which through piety that can help atone for Nigeria’s many sins and pray for Nigeria’s development.

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