Kelly Rowland’s Ex Roy Williams Responds To Domestic Abuse Allegations


Kelly Rowland’s new single “Dirty Laundry” sparked some internet buzz surrounding the revealing song lyrics in which she admitted tosuffering domestic violence abuse at the hands of one of her former lovers, among other things.



Upon hearing the track on which she didn’t actually mention her abuser’s name, a few folks assumed Ms. Kelly was accusing her ex-fiancee Roy Williams of puttin’ them paws on her, and he didn’t waste any time responding to the backlash:






In addition, the former NFL baller also went on to drop a big hint about exactly who Kelly was really referring to when she aired her dirty laundry. Peep who Roy points a not-so-subliminal finger at as the real person who dirty-dogged Kelly by putting his hands on her.


A Twitter follower tweeted Roy shortly after he cleared his name, letting him know that they were surprised that people were coming for him over Kelly’s revealing lyrics, and he was quick to agree..






Kelly reportedly dated Nelly’s manager Cudda once upon a time, which is who Roy is referring to in this retweet.


However, this guy wasn’t the only one rumored to have given Kelly her kisses down low at one point or another over the years, so she could just as easily be referring to any one of them….if you believe they actually dated.


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