AfroMusicPop Channel Opens Its Door To Nigerian Artiste


International music channel, AfroMusicPop, channel 326 on DSTV which rejuvenated its contents by airing more Nigerian musical videos than any other music channel has finally open its door to more Nigerian musical video. Since 1st of July, 2012, the latest entry into the music channel broadcasting has made notable changes on the popular music channel, such as logo, better graphics and a mix of Nigerian musical content and international Urban Music.



Going by these changes, the Portugal based station and its Nigerian partner in the change, Culbeed Media has released steps for artistes and their managers need to take in getting their videos across to the satellite station.



According to CEO of Culbeed Media, Kolade Ajayi (RonKay), “We as a company believe in the digital world and prefer digital submission of videos. A typical mp4 HD file for a 5min music video is roughly 300MB and readily uploadable on any file sharing website.

For any artiste that wants to submit music video for playlist considerations on AfroMusicPop. These are the requirements:

A top notch High Definition Video, Uploaded to any File Sharing website like (,, Dropbox etc) and send the HD Video link from this sites to including the YouTube link for preview the video. When the video is accepted for playlisting, we will inform you by email” he said.

Reiterating the station’s wiliness to fully come into the Nigeria and the love the European station has for Nigerian artistes, RonKay added: “soon, Afro Music Pop will start more programs that will showcase the Nigerian Artiste to the World”.

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