Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral Guest List Announced


All surviving US presidents and British prime ministers are on the guest list, as well as a representative of the Reagan family.

Ronald Reagan’s widow Nancy is understood to be too frail to travel.


Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev will also not be attending owing to health problems, his spokesman has said.


It has also been confirmed that neither George H.W. Bush, Mr Reagan’s vice-president who succeeded him in the White House nor his son George W. Bush, US President between 2001 and 2009, will be attending.


The guest list for the event was drawn up by Lady Thatcher’s family with the assistance of the government and the Conservative Party.

More than 2,000 invitations will be sent out, with most set to be dispatched on Friday.

The invitees include:

* All surviving former prime ministers

* All surviving former US presidents and a Reagan family representative

* Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton

* All surviving members of Lady Thatcher’s cabinets

* The current Cabinet

* The Leader of the Opposition, Ed Miliband

* European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso

* Lady Thatcher’s former press secretary, Sir Bernard Ingham, and his wife Lady Ingham

* Novelist Frederick Forsyth

* Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad of Malaysia

* A representative of Nelson Mandela

Some of those attending include:

* Former cabinet minister Michael Portillo and his wife Carolyn

* Tony and Cherie Blair

* Former president FW de Klerk of South Africa

* Dame Shirley Bassey

* Jeremy Clarkson

* Lord and Lady Lloyd Webber

* Lord and Lady Archer

* Lady Thatcher’s former foreign policy adviser, Lord Powell of Bayswater

* Former foreign secretary Lord Carrington

* Prime minister Stephen Harper of Canada

* Former prime minister Brian Mulroney of Canada

Old adversaries and friends who cannot attend funeral

Neil Kinnock They were political adversaries for almost a decade, but former Labour leader Lord Kinnock, 71, will miss Baroness Thatcher’s service as he has already committed to attend the funeral of a Welsh councillor from his old constituency who died a few days before the former Prime Minister.

Mikhail Gorbachev The former Soviet leader and Lady Thatcher are often credited with securing the end of the Cold War after the Iron Lady described him as a man “we can do business with”. For all their co-operation, Mr Gorbachev, now 82, has declined his invitation due to ill health.

Jim Davidson Leading the famous 1980s figures who cannot attend is her favourite comedian Jim Davidson. The 59-year-old has always been an outspoken supporter of Lady Thatcher. He is currently on police bail over allegations of sexual offences.

Nancy Reagan Ronald Reagan’s widow has said she is too frail to make the trip. The former First Lady said that she and Lady Thatcher had a “special relationship”. Mrs Reagan added that she “loved it that she [Mrs Thatcher] and Ronnie were as close as they were.”


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