Anonymous Hacks North Korea’s Twitter, Flickr Accounts


“Hacktivist” group Anonymous promised to take on North Korea, and it’s apparently made good on that promise, even as the U.S. and North Korea continue to dance around each other like drunken townies in a dive bar.


It appears Anonymous has hacked North Korea propaganda outlet Uriminzokkiri’s Twitter and Flickr accounts, planting a Guy Fawkes mask on the Flickr account and an image of Kim Jong Un with pig ears and snout, tagged as “Nuke Nuke Mickey Lover.


The Anonymous threat was clear: “We got all over 15k membership records of and many more,” read the message, according to a version obtained by the tech site BGR. “First we gonna wipe your data, then we gonna wipe your badass dictatorship’ government.” And there’s evidence on Uriminzokkiri’s Twitter and Flickr accounts this morning that Anonymous’s hacking has begun:

And then there’s this image, along with a few Guy Fawkes masks that now appear on the North Korean propaganda outlet’s Flickr account:

Obviously, those images are uncharacteristic even blasphemous for Uriminzokkiri, but it’s unclear how much good this hack will actually do.

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