NBC Anchor Has Huge Morning, Announces Pregnancy, Then Comes Out


Longtime “Today” weekend anchor Jenna Wolfe made two huge announcements on the show this morning.


First, Wolfe (above right, with Matt Lauer) is five months pregnant. And second — though this arguably ties for first — her co-parent will be her partner of two years, NBC Foreign Correspondent Stephanie Gosk (above left).

Babies are always exciting, and this is also the first time Wolfe has publically acknowledged her sexuality.


“Between the two of us, we’ve seen and we’ve done more than most will in a lifetime,” Wolfe wrote in a blog post. “And yet both of us agree that THIS little girl will be the biggest and best adventure of our lives.” Wolfe will continue to write about her experience with what the couple has been referring to as “Operation Baby.”

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