28 Days of Blissful Beauty: Day 18 – Timeless Elegance


‘There is no key! If there were it would be too easy, rich women could buy the key and all their fashion
worries would be over! But simplicity, grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion –
cannot be bought. But they can be learnt, by rich and poor alike.’

-Christian Dior

To me, elegance and beauty go hand in hand. A truly beautiful woman is always elegant.

The basic principles of achieving a beautiful, elegant look that is timeless are quite simple. You don’t
have to spend so much money. An elegant woman is more materially-restrained than we realize.

Stay clean. The first steps to achieving a timeless, elegant Style to pay attention to your personal
grooming! It is impossible for someone who to be elegant without being immaculately groomed. At the
very least, have a clean face, nails, and smell fresh (from having showered and not just reeking with
perfume). Wear fresh clothes always.

Stay neat. A timeless look is always fresh, neat and in place. I’m sure we all try to be neat and tidy
in more ways than one. However, some of us are not born organized. There’s always room for
improvement. Being neat and tidy tells a lot about you and in some way boosts your self esteem.

Be graceful in appearance. Let people notice you before they notice your dress.

Choose quality. Quality is essential to elegance. Aim for quality over quantity. Good quality is not an
extravagance; it lasts for a long time and may end up being cheaper because you get more use of each
item. When you really love an outfit, you’ll find yourself wearing it over and over. So a rule of thumb is
to buy what you love. It pays to have the very best that you afford.

There is always something very consistent, rounded, soft, subtle, and delicate about a woman who is
elegant. It looks effortless and perfectly gentle.

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