28 days of Blissful Beauty: Day 8 – What’s in Your Bag?


Yes! What exactly is in your bag? If you must stay looking fresh all day, you should put together a checklist of beauty must-carry.

1. Compact powders keep your skin shine-free. They’re purse-friendly and you won’t have to worry about them spilling. The best part is they come with mirrors, so touch- ups are easy while on the move. It’s not about vanity, but about looking presentable.
You wouldn’t want to be caught dead with something stuck between your teeth or ghastly lipstick stains on your teeth, right?

2. Lip balms and lip glosses work like magic to perk up your look. A lip pencil is best for use in a moving vehicle, as chances of smudging are minimised and even if it smudges, it can be corrected easily.

3. Keep either a packet of wet or dry face wipes. Wet wipes are great for removing
traces of grime and dust before reapplying make-up or skin-care products.”

4. Hand sanitizer is a smart way to remain clean and keep germs and infections at bay.

5. Small hair brush: For occasional tidying up and keeping hair in place.

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Funto Oni is a blend of beauty, brains and grace. A beauty and style coach. A chartered accountant. A Lover of God and God’s cutest daughter as she fondly calls herself. She currently works with a dynamic IT firm as an accountant. She also manages her beauty outfit ‘DivHadassah’. 

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