By Kelvin Wilson

Hearing about the death of prominent Nigerians in yet another plane crash, I tried to wrap my mind around it for a while and I just could not fathom it. How did we get here? People in our nation board a plane having it at the back of their mind that it might crash, it has pushed me to think that some of these crashes aren’t just accidents. How do you explain to the international community that dignitaries of our country were flown in a ‘faulty’ helicopter? one of them being a former chief of defense staff, isn’t that surprising?, how do you even explain using a state facility to fly people to a non-for-state event?, anyway, this remains a topic for another day.

It’s just not easy to grasp the idea that this was just a mere accident, with all the controversy going on about religious diversity in our nation, its only ordinary that some people would raise their eyebrows towards this news, apparently I have. Is it happening just too often for us to believe it was only a coincidence? Are you saying something about it?

I strongly believe a leader is a reflection of the people he governs, but from where Nigeria is standing I don’t think that principle should count, because we the people keep talking and we don’t get heard. In Nigeria, the leaders are a reflection of their evil and selfish beings; can the bitterness and rivalry of an election push you towards taking another human being’s life?, or the money you are currently looting isn’t enough? or is it that you can’t stand the fact that a man from a different religion governs you?, with the Christian festive season coming up, lots of controversies arise and not to forget
killings, that which we anticipate, has it reached the point where a Christian doesn’t celebrate because he is afraid for his life?, heard some news the previous day about the huge traffic along airport road, Ikeja, that kept people in their cars for up to 4 hours all because the policemen got some

Intel about a car carrying bombs to Lagos. In the eyes of many Nigerians, one of those who died in the recent crash is reputed to have done lots of great things for his state, yet he was left for dead in the crash, is that the price one pays for being in a righteous path? Do we have to come out of the closet too for our religion?

The rivalry between the leading statesmen and the influence politics has had on religion in our country has caused us too much grief and misfortune, the killing of our relations and family just because a different person with the same motive wants to be our leader has become a norm in our society, do we really see a change coming for our country?, is it a crime to serve your God and your people at the same time?, must we take the life of another man just to prove we are the right choice or the better one, aren’t we past that era?, what happened to the power of votes? Do we have to keep dividing to fall and never try uniting to stand? Don’t we all serve the same God?, is it that hard to see the bigger picture, our leaders are blinded by wealth and power that they can’t see past their own motives, aren’t we tired of hearing, more like waiting to hear that someone had to die just because of religious purposes, in the words of Rodney King “can’t we all just
get along?”. I remain the pessimist!

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