J Martins Shuns Goldie’s Video Shoot in South Africa


According to reports, Goldie invited J Martins to South Africa in November to appear in the video of a song they did together called Give It To Me. J Martins requested for a business class ticket meanwhile Goldie and her Crew (Godfather) went through economy class and Goldie said she could not afford to pay for a business class ticket.

J Martins and Goldie argued about it until J Martins agreed to come down to SA. When he got to SA, he requested that Goldie should come pick him up at the airport and Goldie sent someone to pick him up because she had a call time of 9am. When J martins saw the driver, he said he would not go with him because Goldie herself did not come to pick him up and he would not risk being kidnapped.


J MArtins called Godfather who sent someone else to pick him up and rather than in the hotel booked for him, he went ahead to check himself into a USD 700 hotel. Even if he didn’t want to follow the driver sent to him earlier, he would have gone to stay in the hotel booked for him.

Later that day, Goldie, Derenle Edun and other crew members went to the hotel to see him and also begged him to check out so he could be taken to the hotel that was earlier booked for him. To everyone’s surprise, he refused to see them and requested that they send a note to him through the reception. He gave excuse as being sick.


On wednesday morning, which was the day scheduled for him to shoot, they went back to see him in the hotel. They begged him to come on set from 10 am – 1pm. He said before he would leave the hotel, Goldie should pay him his money that he used in the hotel for five nights which was $3,5oo  i.e $700 per night.


At that point, Goldie was disorganised because she didn’t have that kind of money. After they begged for long hours, he said she should pay for two nights and he would sort out the rest. Eventually at 3pm, he agreed to go on set. When he got there he requested that he should be paid the hotel money before he would shoot the video. They eventually did.


After paying him, he was supposed to go on set and then he started another story that he could not go on set because he didn’t like the costume, the stylists provided for him and he didn’t wear the costume.


They started begging again and he eventually wore one of the costumes which is the indian costume he was suppose to wear during the day but he wore it at night.  They had three more scenes to shoot so Goldie had to quickly rush to get another set of cloth for him. He was suppose to do a street scene and instead of coming on set, he was on phone with someone. By that time, it was 9pm and video director got upset and packed up. they got pissed off because they were delayed by J martins arrogance and attitude.


They eventually left and they were all surprised at his action. Rather than being sober, he just went to the scene canteen and started eating and chatting with people. Goldie was crying because the money she paid to the video director and the people invited for the shoot and J Martins didn’t even blink.


What pained them more was his next action, he went to AY the Tanzania guy that she featured in the song that if she doesn’t pay for his costume and hotel bills, he should not appear in the video.


This was confirmed because AY called Godfather and even told Goldie the same thing. AY was influenced by J MArtins and he started acting funny for hotel bills and costume allowance. J martins told AY that he didn’t shoot the video with Goldie because she is not professional and that if she doesn’t play ball, AY should not appear on her set.


With all that has happened, it has torn two music stars apart.





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