Seun Kuti Wants ‘Marijuana’ Legalized; Flags Off Campaig

Seun Kuti, the last produced from the groins of the afrobeat initiator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti has flagged a campaign for the legalization of marijuana what many Nigerians know to be ‘Igbo‘.

His debate however is that since cigarette that claims more lives per day could be legalized, how much more ‘Igbo‘ that does less.

Of course,no one has the right to counter any other argument but there are some other important policies that need to be strengthened and campaigned over.

Nigeria cannot boast of any form development in the aspect of education yet, the notable figures in different communities would not stand to set things right.

It’s high time Nigerians fought for improvements in various sectors to enhance development rather than trivial issues.

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