‘My Style of Delivery Sets Me Apart’ – General Pype

Seven Star General PYPE will be performing LIVE at One Mic Naija Independence Edition this sunday. In this interview, he talked about his music career, up coming album and Obalende Records. 


It’s no longer news that you’ve left storm records. So what record label are you on now and how did it all play out?
I am now working with Obalende Records.
At some point, you were the leading force in Nigerian Ragga/Dance hall music, then you went awol. What exactly transpired?
True that, ’twas a little rough patch I needed to deal with I.e (management and supposed record label, shows and some other aspects of life.
Even though you were less active at some point, you still commanded respect from industry heads & remained a fan favourite. How did you manage to attain your relevant status?
I still find it very hard to believe that it has been three years since the song Champion, real talk ? I don’t know, guess I owe that to God and my fans.
Aside Ragga/Dance Hall, do you see yourself trying out any other genre anytime soon?
Sure ..My style of delivery has always been a mix of different vibes.
There are very few artistes dominating your genre compared to the pop culture, why is this so?
We have a few dancehall artists in this part of the world because, for some reasons , people find it difficult to get the support and finance to successfully sell this kind of genre.  So, it takes more than a good voice to sell dancehall music in Naija.
By now you should be very familiar with stage performances, but a live performance is quite different. How do you intend to make this remarkable?
Connecting and engaging the audience and just be ME.
So why has your debut album taken so long to drop?
The same reasons I have been on the under ground ,just needed to put my house in order.   Right now Obalende Records, through the help of God, is putting everything in place and the Album drops very soon
Why should anyone look forward to your One Mic Naija performance?
People should look out for my performance because;

1) I am going to perform some of my new materials and you don’t wanna miss that
2) it is going to be very skibborious and Baba God is involved.

What could make you have a bad outing at One Mic Naija?
Nothing is going to dull the night.

Lastly, what do you appreciate the most about this platform and opportunity to showcase yourself to a different kind of audience?

I really appreciate the fact that there are some young minds in support of a live performing Naija artists, and I  believe this is the type of platform we need  to reshape the musical experience of every concert goer.


Remember One Mic Naija Independence  Edition will hold on October 28th at Browns Cafe , Sasegbon street Ikeja GRA.

Don’t miss it!!!

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