Deuces Night Club Shut Down for Morell and Patrick Elis…

Gabriel Afolayan

Some of you may already know what a film buff I am. I mean, I simply appreciate everything cinematic. I just consume everything that’s written, illustrated, story-boarded, and produced for the screen – from films to TV shows, and yes of course, music videos. So you know how excited I get when I get behind the scenes of any theatrical production, especially when the most upscale night club in Lagos gets shut down for an entire day just to accommodate the filming of such a production.  
So yesterday, I observed the making of Morell’s “Ko Si Pressure” video, with keen interest, for two reasons: the first being it was directed by Patrick Elis, a young music video director I have a lot of professional respect for. And secondly, the artiste, Morell’s theatre experience, because, I fell in love with what the South African music video director Mark Hoffmeyr did with his first video “Oxygen” – the synergy between the performer and the visualize – though I was confident that a Nigerian music video director could do as well, here in Lagos without the record label going the extra mile to fly the artiste and his crew to Johannesburg for a video shoot.  
So, yeah, where was I?     
Yes, yesterday I spent the entire day working behind the scenes of Morell’s “Ko Si Pressure” video, and I know people may say it’s too soon to conclude, but what else do you need to be convinced that the video will be the blockbuster version of a music video? Oh, I haven’t given you the scoop yet – alright here goes. Principal photography commence yesterday at Patrick Elis’ studio, and then moved to Deuces Bar and Lounge in Victoria Island – with celebrities like Gabriel Afolayan, Praiz, Rayce, 5 Mics, Dammy Krane, Uche, Crozz, and Dipp making cameo appearances at the club party scene. Now, if you’ve ever been to Deuces Lounge, then you know how out of this world the pristine white interior of the Lounge is, but just in case you haven’t been to Deuces, check out the pictures. Oh, and did I mention that Patrick Elis spared no expense, as he filmed the music video with the revered RED Epic digital cinema camera. And in case you haven’t heard of the camera, it’s like Rolls Royce of video cameras available in the market today – and that’s the same camera Marvel Entertainment and Columbia Pictures used in filming their 2012 Hollywood blockbuster – The Amazing Spiderman a.k.a Spiderman 4. Yes sir, the very same camera – now, tell me, with Partick Elis’ acclaimed creativity; the design opulence of Deuces Nite Club; the gorgeous models; the amazing celebrities – why shouldn’t I just turn in my review of the video, because to me, it’s already been given a full 5 star rating!
Kudos to Morell, Bento Recordz, Patrick Elis Pictures, Sound City, Trace Urban, and Deuces Bar and Lounge for coming through – and for doing the best they can to support the Nigerian music industry.
—James Amuta | follow @jamesamuta on Twitter for more film-related updates.

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