BREAKING NEWS!!!! Storm 360 in partnership with Jandus Technology launches STORM FM

Storm 360, Inc is delighted to announce the launch of STORM FM – Nigeria’s first Record Label operated online radio station.  Storm FM will feature latest music from Storm 360 Artists, DJ mixes, artist interviews, behind the scenes audio and exclusive content.  Storm FM will be exclusively available on “Jandus Radio Mobile Application”, the fastest growing mobile application for African Radio. 
The internet is driving the success of music because it can be listened to at any time of the day and anywhere in the world. African music can now be heard across the globe by anyone that has access to the internet. The audience reach of online radio far surpasses that of traditional radio due to the technical limitations of radio frequencies.  A song heard on a traditional radio cannot be shared with other radio listeners.  An online music station positioned on a platform integrated with social media is the easiest way to share music instantly allowing the user to showcase their personal interests and experience with others. With the Jandus Radio platform, Storm 360 artist’s music can be shared among friends and family around the world. Sharing music online is fun and

easy and online radio offers the benefit of listening to music with few interruptions.   

CEO of Strom 360, Obi Asika says, “Storm 360 has always been an innovator and always believed in the power of music.  From Naeto C to Dj Neptune, Sasha P to Ms Jaie, our emerging superstars L.O.S and the King of The South, Yung6ix, we have thousands of unheard remixes, songs, and all sorts of mega-mixes.  I am personally a believer in technology and I am proud of Ms. Bukola Akinfaderin, a young Nigerian developer who developed the Jandus Radio app.  I have it on my mobile devices and wherever I am it feels good to know I can tune in to Storm Fm and you know we are always in the building.
“I am very enthusiastic about the partnership between Jandus Radio and Storm 360 and excited that the Jandus Radio platform can aid in the expansion and recognition of African music internationally. “ Says Bukola Akinfaderin CEO Jandus Radio

To experience STORM FM, Log on to
The Jandus Radio application is available on Blackberry, Android Smartphones and Iphone/Ipad.  Blackberry users can download from 
Iphone/Ipad through App Store and Android users from Android Market.

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