Check out the Top 5 Street Slangs we have today

5. See me ri: This is a new street jam from the black man from Mushin Wande coal of the defunct Mo’hits. Although this street song is still very new but it got a lot of air play at the moment. The song is off the Mavin album ‘Solar Plexus‘. See me ri is a slang which I first heard on the streets in Ibadan Oyo state. It wasn’t indeed popular until when picked up by this black dude, now its on the streets of Lagos, it can only get better. Dear reader, you see me ri.

4. Kondo: A slang dropped by the late Da Grin was far popular than the act himself, as every region gave ‘Kondo’ its own meaning. The female and male folks for a long time came to agree over something which was the meaning of ‘Kondo’. The song did well commercially, toping charts, rocking parties and clubs, and
lived so long on the streets as several converstaions still have the Kondo thingy in it.

3. Akpako: This is a very controversial slang from the controversial act. Terry G dropped his hit Akpako which rocked and still rocking the streets. This track dropped in 2011 and is still rocking clubs, parties and the streets. Ever since he dropped this track, he keeps getting better and dropping street slangs, with reference to his latest single, see groove.

2. Joor oo: This slang has been on the street before the monster track by Jahbless. After which it further buttressed the street credibility of the slang. The remix to the song which featured renowned artistes like Ruggedy baba, Eldee the don, Reminisce, Ice Prince and Durella did commercially well. Joor oooo is one of the best street and slang songs to have done real good in the music factory.

1. Eni Duro: This slang can said to have been made popular by the ‘Eni duro’ crooner Olamide YBNL. Take a good look at the video, the street credibility is on the high side, with a concept never seen before in Nigeria music videos. Olamide’s Eni duro took the whole area by storm and everyone could connect with it immediately. Indeed, Olamide’s street credibility is on the high side, yep Eni duro.

By Wale Applause

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