“16 & Pregnant” Star Whitney Purvis Arrested for Stealing A Pregnancy Test!

“16 and Pregnant” star Whitney Purvis was arrested in Georgia yesterday after cops said she shoplifted a pregnancy test from a local Walmart. And to top it off she used it in the store!. According to the police report, the 20-year-old MTV star stashed a First Response pregnancy test in a hooded jacket and then “took it to the restroom with her and used only one.”

Purvis allegedly tried to sneak out of the store through a side door, but she was busted by the store security who put her under citizens arrest and called local police.  According to the report, the pregnancy test was valued at $15.98.

Purvis was hauled to a nearby police station where she was booked for misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. The “16 and Pregnant” star was featured on the MTV show in 2009.

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