New Music: Gberatinrin Studios Present #VirusdaMixtape Featuring Phizzle, The New Kentro World

Introducing fast-rising IB-based record label GberaTinrin Studios with their brand new 4-track promo tape and preview to the forthcoming mixtape #VirusdaMixtape featuring brand NEW music from the likes of PHIZZLE, The New KentroWorld and emerging 15-year old rapper/singer KILT KRANIK.

Produced by the GberaTinrin Studios in-house producer St. Buster Keyz, “Funny Money (Rewind Ur Mind)” by Phizzle, “TakeOver” by 15-year old Kilt Kranik, “I Don’t Mind (Otalenu)” by The New KentroWorld’s
DJ Freaky T and “Omo Jaiye Jaiye” by Tundey, Mohdara and MsHawtitude are all massive tunes that are sure to leave your head bopping, your feet moving and prepare you for the forthcoming release of the full #VirusdaMixtape project to be released in 2012. All you NEED now is to just PRESS PLAY, enjoy the music and spread the Virus…

For now, enjoy the 4-track promo and preview to #VirusdaMixtape featuring Phizzle, Kilt Kranik, DJ Freaky T, KentroWorld Fols, Tundey, Mohdara and MsHawtitude…

#VirusdaMixtape download link >>

“Funny Money (Rewind Your Mind) >>

“TakeOver” >>

“I Don’t Mind (Otalenu) >>

“Omo Jaiye Jaiye” >>

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