Ever since the return of one of Nigeria’s most entertaining shows, Laffs & Jamz by one of Nigeria’s leading comedians, Basketmouth, the entire city of Lagos is agog with the hype the show has generated since its return last month. 

The show took place on the 25th of June 2011 at Ember Creek in Ikoyi Lagos. Nigerian with comedians like I Go Dye, Bovi, Gandoki, Buchi, Bash, Senator, Osama, Klint da Drunk and Lafeef Love Joy from the UK  while the likes of Naeto C, M.I and Bez made people dance and sing along with Cool DJ Jimmy Jatt on the wheel of steel. The event was a huge success.

The show which has been repackaged for quality entertainment and massive pleasure is sure bigger, better and more refreshing with  new concepts, venue, approach and platform unlike the previous concept, which featured Basketmouth as the only host.

The all-new Laffs n Jamz celebrates a headlining comedian and musician for every edition. This
 makes every concert different as it is centered on the host and his own unique style. This month edition which is scheduled for July 30 will feature various musicians like Jessy Jagz, Terry G, Ice Prince, W4, Timi Dakolo and Bez. The comedians on parade are Okey Bakassi, I Go Dye, Bovi, Maleke, I Go Save, Mr Patrick, Funny Bone, Chi Curl and Igos.
Speaking concerning the re-packaged show, Basketmouth said “one of the core concepts of the initial birth of Laffs n Jamz was to create a platform where upcoming comedians and musicians can use in exposing their talents and brands. Lords of the Ribs wasn’t conceptualized for upcoming acts, hence the return of Laffs n

Jamz. Most importantly, most of our core followers have missed the show. It was a meeting point for talented people. We have also changed the concept, venue and theme. So it’s definitely not what people remembered it as”.

On the new features that now made the new Laffs n Jamz different from other regular monthly comedy gigs, the leading entertainer said the show will feature foreign comedians quarterly from the UK, USA and South-Africa. “Different comedians will have their specials monthly. This way a comedian will have his own night, just like the HBO specials. The comedian will predominantly run the show. Comedians ranging from I Go Dye, Okey Bakassi, Ali Baba, Julius Agwu, Bovi, Gandoki, Buchi and many more will have their nights”.

Above all, Laffs & Jamz now features upcoming comedians and musicians in order to give them the opportunity to showcase their talents. The set design and decor of the show is better and the sound system including the lighting has been improved. With the look of things, Laffs n Jamz will soon become the biggest comedy club in Africa and the a must see for visitors and tourists..

Laffs n Jamz is put together by Barons World Entertainment

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