Tony Tetulia , the former member of the defunct group, ‘Remedies’ became a household name when he stepped off the group’s pedestal to start his solo career.

His hit single ‘Omode Meta’ told the tale of his alleged ostracism by the other members of the group who had more clout at the time. Tony released hit after hit and album after album and maintained a place on the charts along with group member Eedris Abdulkareem.

But after a break, Tony Tetuila’s last album did not do the magic like its predecessors and it was not surprising as critics did not score his single ‘Do Re Mi’ very high. The video of the song was a beautiful work but it was not enough to save the song. Tony Tetuila whose last (stage) name was actually a slang from his school which undergrads interpreted to mean, ‘admire’ suffered a lull after that.

A couple of years have passed and he is working his way back to the surface The artiste with the sexy lips has confirmed that his buns are about to be pulled out of the oven. “I am releasing my album. I would tell you about.” Tetuila said.

He had moved from brunette to blonde, then to blonde corn rows, then blonde dreadlocks and then to the blonde middle Mo’Hawk and we are wondering if he would change his hair again lol!!

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