Sina AkinSola better known as his stage name LAGOS (which is a bacronym for Learnin’ And Grindin’ On Streets) was born November 24th, 1984 at the Island Maternity, Lagos Island, Lagos. LAGOS made his first appearance as an MC in 2000 at a show held by HNIC Dr. G where he performed alongside other upcoming acts.The following year he retreated to the underground writing rap and recording songs which he didn’t promote beyond his friends and few DJs because he was keen on facing studies other than music then. Inspired by the likes of Fela.

The Notorious B.I.G, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Clipse, Sina started writing his own songs in 1999. He also draws inspiration from a need to “let people who are not from the kind of place I am to know what it is for someone like me growing up. My songs display lyricism and social commentary in the Nigerian Hip-Hop way,” he explains. “I just don’t construct rhythmic sentences and danceable flows; I entertain and educate my listeners.” He has readied enough songs which can fill an album and a mixtape. This young man is a rapper cum lyricist who can get clubbish and lyrical at any given time. He is now promoting himself to be known in the game as a real hip-hop head that he is. LAG is also an album-review columnist on  .

“It was hell on the come up” while trying to record his singles. “Even though a couple of DJs and people in entertainment have somehow encouraged me, truth be told, there are other DJs and media personalities who just don’t welcome upcoming artists at all,” he lamented. But with rock steady love and support from his friends and fans, LAGOS believes it will take more than a couple of haters’ rejection to stop his music dream. LAGOS released two songs titled ‘BlackBerry Luv’ and ‘Dis weekend’ in May but the tracks didn’t get encouraging airplay.

Right now he is out with a new song titled “Dark and luvly” off his upcoming mixtape titled LAGOS Wuz Ere which will be available online and on CD come November 24th.

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