#BETAWARDS2016 Alicia Keys just raised the roof higher

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Alicia Keys just performed and men, was it awesome? She has raised the bar of tonight’s ceremony even higher and the crowd just can’t get a hold of themselves. Fans and music lovers on twitter are short of words to qualify her mind blowing performance.



The show just keeps getting better and it is indeed a blast!



Alicia Keys popped up onto the Red Carpet earlier with absolutely no make up on. The anti-make up revivalist looked so gorgeous with her hair wrapped up in a silver scarf and her skin bare and perfect. It’s so cool and brave of her to show off her makeup-free face, especially on a red carpet, where people traditionally go all out on their beauty looks!



She performed her latest hit ‘In Common’ and as usual played her instruments perfectly on stage.


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