Following the footsteps of some ladies and celebrities who took to social media to slam their baby daddies on father’s day, UK-based Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama also sent a message to her ex husband.

The actress who recently went through a painful divorce due to domestic violence called out her ex-husband on Instagram. She wrote:
“You will be robbed as you have tried to Rob. Right under your nose you will be stolen as you sleep. Everything you sowed you will reap as long as Jesus reigns. Is there any peace and joy for the callous wicked? The fool says there’s no God my prayer is with my eyes and ears, I will witness their repercussions only a matter of time.”

Few weeks back, Victoria Inyama took to her social media account to allege that her ex-husband has refused to divorce her. She said: “The bondage is sickening and all his legal antics. They say the law is fair but not when he manipulates it like he does. He has a live -in- lover and still won’t divorce me! He assaulted me yesterday and for the first time, I called in the police for him.”

Victoria Inyama has however deleted the post from her page. While some followers sympathised, some other female celebrities, came out to condemn how single mothers took to Instagram to celebrate father’s day by dragging their baby daddies.

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