Unlike Blackface, Faze Defends Tu Face National Protest

One-third of the defunct music group Plantashun Boiz, Faze has waded in on the recent rift between former bandmates, Blackface and 2face.

This comes as a result of the recent altercation between Blackface and 2face when the latter decided to lead a national protest against the Federal Government.

Faze, the “Kolomental” crooner has for a long time tried without success to reunite Blackface and 2face. He made this known in a chat with Saturday Beats.

Faze said, “I read all what Blackface said about Tuface and what I would advise is that this is 2017. Things have to be different. I don’t want to talk about the issues between both of them. Blackface should go about things the way he wants and Tuface should also do the same. What I just want is for peace to reign. I have made several attempts to iron out the issues between them. I have been going up and down trying to mediate peace between them but all to no avail. I am tired of doing that. Right now, I am working on my project. My album is due to be out very soon and that is what I want to focus my energy on.

Faze spoke in support of the planned protest as led by 2face against the Federal Government.

We all know how the government and economy is, so I think that the proposed protest by Tuface is not a bad idea but it all depends on how he goes about it. What really matters is how he goes about it. It depends on Tuface and his strategy. I want to believe that he has the proper plans and he is ready because he is going to gather people from all corners of Nigeria. He should make an attempt and if it works out for everybody, fine. However, staging a protest is not as easy as he thinks. It depends on who is supporting him. I know that some government officials may not want to lend their support. Those that have been given money in the past may not want to support and we know these people.” he said.

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