Supergal’s Entertainment Review Week One


Ok, the first week of the year couldn’t be short of celebrity gists and happenings that’s worth a mention. Remember I told you guys about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship from the time the two started going out? I told you it’s no joke! And if you think it’s just another 72-day coaster ride of Kim playing a bitch as anyone want to believe, you’re wrong. So you can help source for baby names for Kimye’s and see if you’ll beat Beyonce to suggesting a name for Kim. And I have this crazy feeling about Beyonce having convinced Kim to name her baby ”Ratchet” already! Ratchet, yea.

Now, I thought I could really get tired of talking about Davido but he surfaces all the time! But this time, not with anything I could call a scandal; Omo Baba Olowo is yet to empty another pile of dirty laundry to wash off in public. One of those ugly-bi**h-meets-a-camera-phone girls is yet to land on his bed for a one-night-stand that’ll serve the media and social networking sites another round of a soft porn that Davido couldn’t look any much better than a reckless and sexually frustrated cast in it. Well, before you’ll think i’m taking it too personal on Davido, let me give you the new development about his career and it’s just as simple as you’ve heard; Davido just parted ways  up with his so-called publicist, Asa Asika. I never knew how the two happened to get along till now though.  That Asa boy looks to me like he’s a gold-digger and Davido is the gold mine.  I don’t know who finally bit who’s finger at the end but both Davido and Asa seemed to have handled their decision to end their deal with much maturity. They both even appeared on TV on the 1st of January during a Funmi Iyanda’s annual national broadcast of her show. Wait, did I just wrote ”…their decision to end their deal…”?? ”Davido’s decision to fire Asa” sounds a lot more appropriate, and I didn’t meant that to sound too harsh; just stating the obvious. Ehehehe…

And if you think the Nigerian government is not working, I doubt if you’re aware of their N60billion plan to equip farmers with mobile phones! I mean, how is that not working? New agricultural development plans will be discovered by farmers when mobile phones becomes tractors and fertilisers that is much needed to boost farming. And N60billion for how many farmers? I guess no one needs to be told to embark on farming right now.

It’s still in the rumours that Tiwa Savage just got married (or is getting married) to her manager. Well, I’ll confirm and be sure Tiwa has put a ring on it soon. That’s all about the gists folks. Do have a fabulous week!

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