Review: Muna/ ”Nice To Meet You”.


The song is a blend of standoffishness and obvious torpor. Muna raps with lighthearted unconcern and the beats are interesting to listen to.


Not much goes down on this other than the ex-beauty queen rhyming here and there although with glaring confidence and balance. She giggles occasionally too, maybe as if to entrench the bubblegum b*tch persona she creates on this some more, who knows? “Nice To Meet You” is a cool song, a little different from the trend of things, a more relaxed recording, something that earns itself distinction from not conforming to the regular sound pattern of today’s mainstream jamboree music in Nigeria.


But that’s about all there is on this one. The song stands out in its approach and in Muna’s delivery but isn’t anything different from the boatload of music designed for the many frenzied late nights and stuff. Okay effort.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?


Henry Igwe (@ChibuzoHI)



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