Former OAP Narrates How She Managed To Be With 2 Husbands At Once

It will surprise many that polyandry, the act of a woman getting married to two or more men at a time exists in Nigeria.

Having shock many listeners by announcing her retirement from radio last year, popular Beat 99.9FM On-Air-Personality Fade Ogunro has given her reason for being in two marriages at a time and how she copes with them.

She explained the major reasons she had to opt out from Radio, although she also runs a film production company called Film Factory with her famous cinematographer brother; Sesan Ogunro, said she was tired of marring two husbands.

“The reason behind that was because I owned a TV production company called Film Factory because when I moved to Nigeria, I didn’t know any artiste. So working on radio -Saturday and Sunday was a great way for me to meet the artiste so that I could shoot a lot of their videos.

People know my brother Sesan the director and together we run the company. He is the director and I’m the executive producer. Over the last 4 years that the company has been running, we are constantly getting busier.”

“So leaving radio was simply because I have tried to manage my time over the last 5 years but it comes to a time where you are like, you know what, I can’t marry two husbands. I love the both of you but I have to pick one and I think my company fulfills me more.”

“We have gone from a staff of 3 to 30 in the last 3 years and the impact in terms of all the TV commercial and music videos I have shot. I feel like I’m impacting the African media a lot more which was my ultimate goal.”

“Even though radio gives me a certain fulfillment because I get millions of people around the world to listen to the show, I’m also with my company and on the other hand I train people like cameraman, sound guys, gaffers, lighting guys and editors.”


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