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Hollywood Actress Doris Day Dies of Pneumonia At 97

Hollywood Actress; Doris Day has died of Pneumonia at age 97. The actress who is popularly known for her roles in ‘Calamity Jane’ and ‘Pillow Talk’ died on Monday at her Carmel Valley, California, home, as her death was announced by her foundation. The Hollywood icon was popular for her features in classic movies and Broadway shows of the 90s including the ‘Young Man with a Horn’.

Doris Day is dead

Doris Day

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While in her prime, Doris got married four times, divorced 3 times and became a widow once. She also suffered nervous breakdown when one of her husbands squandered her money, before leaving. Before her death, Doris had been in perfect health before contracting a serious case of pneumonia, as stated by her foundation. She also had a son Terry Melcher who died on On November 19, 2004, aged 62.

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