Ex-BBNaija housemate, Cindy Okafor has taken to her social media page to talk about the day she would never forget.

According to her, she lost everything she worked for to fire but she never lost hope that she would bounce back. A few weeks after her loss, she sold a property that became her breakthrough story.

Read her story below:

THE DAY I CAN NEVER FORGET!! Was just thinking back, and I remembered this day, 20th of Sept, 2018.. I can still recall every single moment of it. At 22 with little or no money, losing a 3years worth of sweat, hard work, hustle and worth millions of naira just destroyed b4 my very eyes. The worst was that, i had just upgraded my studio at the time, and invested all I had.. made my family and myself proud, just to lose it to fire. And on top of that I had to rebuild the Celine of the other shops affected as well.

I remember I got a chat from a neighbor, then I got a call. I drove back immediately and there it was, everyone was staring at me and they kept saying DON’T CRY! They didn’t know how to hold me cz I was just standing there and starring.

But I was grateful that my big bro @mrzazzy_ wasn’t burnt cz he walked into the fire and tried to rescue my things, knowing how much they meant to me.

I went home, shed a few tears in my room, even tho I had no money, I just believed that some kind of miracle would happen and I’ll get even better equipments. I remember making a long list of things to buy, with ridiculous prizes compared to my acc balance lol, my bro will look at me like I’ve lost my mind and being unrealistic.

But Guess what, literally after 5 days I finally got a call over this property I was trying to sell as an agent since, it went through about 2 weeks later.. and I even got better equipment for my studio and I dived into radio.

I had to attach a picture of my studio after I rebuilt everything, to share this story.. Look guys always remember “every situation is a blessing in disguise”
Never ever give up, no matter how terrible the situation looks.
Don’t be scared to dream even if it sounds impossible, anything can happen with God.
Stay blessed fam!

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