BBNAIJA LEVEL UP: Khalid: “The Goal Wasn’t The 100 Million, It Was To Market Myself”

The second eviction night of Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ opened with a montage of the housemates nominated for eviction. Like the previous eviction nights, the audience was treated to a live performance from another reigning artist, Crayon, who performed two of the hottest songs in the country right now, Overdose and Ijo (Labalaba).

Ebuka announced Khalid as the fourth evicted housemate of the season to leave the show.

For Khalid, he plans to continue his business after the show. He shared that he plans to leverage the visibility he got from the show to grow his business. As a side note, he also told the audience that his relationship with Daniella is serious.

In an exclusive interview with Khalid, he shared more light on some questions and the next thing on the line for him.

OSG: How are you doing?

Khalid: I’m good and thank you for having me.

OSG: Between the wake-up alarm and the workout session, which one would you say isn’t the last?

Khalid: I love to work out, only God knows how possible it is that I’m still the same.

OSG: How did you feel when you first heard the alarm in Biggie’s house?

Khalid: The person who created that alarm had to be the most annoying in secondary school but it was effective.

OSG: The first question; you had an interesting diary session with Biggie where you told him that you got to express how you felt to Daniella. So did you have the opportunity to tell her?

Khalid: Yeah! I did, I think that was erm two days before the eviction which was on Friday, I did tell her the whole thing because I couldn’t remember what I said but I remember how I felt, so I gave her the breakdown of everything and it was comfortable. She makes things comfortable, so talking to her about it wasn’t difficult.

OSG: Every opportunity you and Daniella have, you’re always talking, what do you guys always talk about?

Khalid: Okay! We talk about Biggie stuff, she asked if the relationship was a kind of strategy which caught me off guard but I was happy she asked, as soon as she asked that because relationships are meant to spice up BBNaija, that is what people look for but seriously I genuinely do like her. I respect her so much, she is an intelligent person.

OSG: Did you watch the HOH games for week four?

Khalid: No!

OSG: Did you see that your girl was winning?

Khalid: Yeah! I didn’t watch everything but j saw her and I was looking for her and I was like Daniella you got this.

OSG: She got to the top 6

Khalid: Yeah! She did well, that’s what im talking about, she’s an intelligent person. She’s a fighter.

OSG: You did mention your relationship on-stage with Ebuka, do you think your family will approve it taking into consideration the obvious reason?

Khalid: My family, they are the epitome of love, I always feel safe whenever in to visit and I do that regularly, every single opportunity I get, I want to be around them. They are supportive, especially my dad while growing up, he never stops stall me, he never told me don’t do this, he was never like like focus on one thing because there was basketball, art and there sometimes he comes back with things I need to advance myself with them and he was a Christian initially so I’m sure he will understand, he had to convert because of my uncle, we never really had a conversation and ever since, he has been a beautiful Muslim and everything gave learned about Islam from my mum and himself.

OSG: Dis you feel at any point in time, that your relationship with Daniella affected your game because your focus was N100m?

Khalid: No! I keep saying winning means different things to people, I didn’t come into the house to get into the finals. I came to advertise myself. Although the goal was to get the money I was also advertising myself and I’m sure I did that well.

OSG: Did you feel in the house that you showcase your talent enough during your time on Big Brother house?

Khalid: Well, I didn’t do everything I wanted to at the capacity I wanted to do. Aside from the fact that I didn’t believe I was going to be evicted, I had a strong belief I was talking to Kess on Sunday morning about having a strong feeling I will be in the house, and there were signs that I’m going home but definitely, you have to look forward ever. There was a time I had a conversation about things I know how to do like NFT, Graphic Design, Basketball, Modelling, Fashion, and Affiliate Marketing. I also do that on the side, so left to me, I’m going to maximize on that and gave always want to go into Real Estate in my capacity, I’m an artist, I’m not a businessman but I’m trying to cultivate that habit that ‘it’s your boy Khalid’ and I wear my colors every day so when you see all those talents, you know that Ah this guy is talented.

OSG: So are you going to say you’re a quiet person because we don’t see you talk that much in the house or you just stay to yourself but when you see Daniella, you talk to her?

Khalid: plenty shalaye Monday full basket. It wasn’t that I was shy, no I wasn’t. I like to observe, you know most of the fights that go on in the house are because everyone wants to talk. We pride ourselves on very intelligent people but when it comes down to it, nobody went to listen, like in the case of Amaka and Phyna or Ilebaye when something happens, nobody understands where they are coming from or Beauty at one point in time. So when I step back, I think one of the most memorable ones was between Ilebaye and Modella about the hair thing, I was praying at that time, it was on Friday and I’ve finished praying, so I heard a noise and I was like who are these people, Biggie will humble you because everyone was misunderstood him because I feel one person wanted to figure one person because Bryann likes Modella and it could be a by a strategy and you know Ilebaye would have taken offenses in that because she likes Bryann and I’m like Yo haven’t you liked someone before? I think the best thing to do at that point was to keep quiet. Go inside and let the babes handle their shit and I’m glad he did that but Ilebaye took offense in that so analyzing the whole thing was like hmm but when I needed to talk, I make sure it was something valuable.

OSG: Aside from Daniella, did you have any memorable connection that you made from both levels?

Khalid: Yeah! Cyph, Beauty, and on level 1 I don’t mingle with them extensively given that we never had enough time. I never had the chance but maybe Dotun, we just see each other and be like guy your beards and all that but we never really had strong connections. But the only person I know well in level 1 was Hermes because he was my roommate, we know each other, and we read books and exchanged ideas about what we read and what it meant to us as individuals. We never realized that we are Muslim and Christian, it was just a good vibe. Also, Giddyfia gave me good energy and he’s like the Pharmsavi of level 1, if you see him frowning, maybe someone died. Lol!

OSG: Having spent three weeks in Biggie’s house, can you tell us your best moment from the task, HOH, pool party, and Saturday party?

Khalid: Okay! That’s extensive news, it was just 3 weeks? Well I have always been a fan of Japanese fashion, so that’s where the inspiration came in to do something like a karate gig and that was definitely a dun moment, and also the island contest, that was fun because of all that running and seeing people around rushing to put things in the pot. Every moment with Daniella and I’m not even bragging because we had a couple of fights and made me realize at a time I have to put my emotion at a certain level and talk and I think she made it easier because you have to be with somebody compatible with you mentally because it can’t be just vibe on vibes always. Also, there was a time Cpyh and I were talking about tech and we got so carried away and we just knelt praying to God abeg just give us laptop and it was so funny, Amaka was just looking at us laughing.

OSG: Now that you’re out of the house, what should your fans expect from you moving forward?

Khalid: Moving forward definitely, okay fine I read a comment at one point and it says “Khalid is a broke hustler” and that was one of erm Daniella’s fans. So yeah definitely I’m going to get that bag. I’m not shy that I’m broke and I know everyone who tried out for Big Brother had something they wanted to get and that bag because I gave a family and I want to have another family which will be mine one day. So you will be seeing me getting money wherever I can intelligently not just get into deals and rush into it. Also, I will be exploring my business side as an artist, it’s not all about passion but you need to know how to handle your money definitely, we will have a manager but you need to know what comes in and what goes out. So I have a lot of talents in my head.

OSG: Lastly, so your birthday was in the house, how was it like when you saw your cake, the song your fellow housemates made for you?

Khalid: First, I’m not a birthday person, so when everyone was singing, I was just shy, you know like the love was much, and shout-out to Kess, that guy is a real person, he’s one of the people I respect in the house the most.

OSG: Thank you for coming and we say goodbye to our creative genius, Khalid.

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