Feeling Entitled To Another Person’s Sweat Is The Biggest Form Of Laziness – Annie Idibia

Actress Annie Idibia has revealed that the biggest form of laziness is being entitled to the sweat of others waiting for things to be handed over to you.

Annie Idibia encouraging individuals to grab the little opportunity that comes their way and make the best out of it said those who wait for every single thing to be handed over to them are going to wait for a very long time.

According to hard-working Annie Idibia, you will grow bitter, envious, and mad for no good reason towards the people putting in the work every single day to give to you when you wait for everything to be given to you by others.

Annie Idibia, therefore, encouraged individuals to learn and apply what they learn and stop dragging themselves down by grabbing every single opportunity that comes your way to get things to make yourself and not wait for them to be handed over to you.

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