Federal Government Approves Full Reopening of Schools


The Federal Government has approved the full reopening of schools across the primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The Federal Government has also urged school administrators and state governments to ensure that adequate safety preparations are made before schools are reopened.

Speaking at the Presidential Task Force briefing today, Sani Aliyu, national coordinator of the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19 said, “For educational institutions which include daycare, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Educational institutions should begin the process of working towards potentially reopening within this phase.

“However, we strongly recommend that states conduct risk assessment to ensure all schools are at a level of compliance and create a monitoring mechanism to assess, create, and monitor this level of preparedness.

“Meanwhile, daycare centres should remain closed until this level of risk is assessed. If there will be opening of schools, it must be stage and preferably carried out in phases to ensure that this does not pose a risk to the public and in particular to vulnerable groups that might end up getting infected by students going back home.”

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