These Young Nigerians Are Here To Change Everything You Know About Classical Music

Olatoye Abiola Babatunde [trumpet] (left) and, Idowu Seun Emmanuel (Euphonium ) MTN MUSON Scholars will perform at the Evening with MUSON Stars on Monday, August 24, 2020

If the music does not have ‘gbas’ and ‘gbos’, many Nigerians may not feel that the music has quite hit the right place. It’s what we have gotten used to over decades of loud owambe parties that have us attempting to ‘gbese’ now. With all that’s happening across the world, this might be the best time to try something different, and that’s where these young talented Nigerians come in.

The next faces and names you will see will be performing at the Music Society of Nigeria’s first ever virtual concert! Each year, for the past 13 years, MTN sponsors talented young Nigerians into the MUSON School of Music, and when they are about to graduate, the students host a world-class musical concert as a last hurrah. Well, the pandemic may have shaken up life as we know it, but not the passion or talent coursing through their veins. So, the musical concert is heading to YouTube on Monday, August 24, 2020, at 4:00 pm. The movement will be televised!

Meet the #MUSONStars2020, the new faces of Classical Music in Nigeria:

1.        Prince Toluwani Obadimimu (Saxyprince) is a 25-year-old passionate musician who aspires to be one of the world’s greatest music educators.  He would love to perform with Nigerian singer and songwriter, Brymo.

<img title=”” src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/WflIKAmtpWlaYjwrOH8Cisv56bd-joG8pPyBaRot3x6UeuzVUH82RaFKzsfzZa5Oiy3u9zu_-ZPUDCIxK5AdQMnIf1HI7mBPQJMU8oHqybkrDKupQW7P5Fi7BFwjnJbDBDIIDhv4Ono0bzpr” alt=”A person standing in front of it

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2.        Mary Eleojo Okwori is a 24-year-old Soprano. She is an entrepreneur and a student at the MUSON School of music. She once travelled by road for 14 hours from Benue State to Lagos for a music competition!

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3.        Ihom Doolun Justine is a 34-year-old graduate of Chemistry from the Benue State University. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Organic Chemistry from the University of Ibadan.

He would love to perform with Nigerian music stars, Asa, Cobhams Asuquo, Adekunle Gold, Darey and Brymo.

<img title=”” src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/bAzESxvnGmpN7yXrsSpfGgdOBu9krAPRInBK4BX1HjI7WGcn9gMyeaDE7rLufo5chEaWXisfXZV3ehWT-H2GRe16SgmwiMBupuvu-yTmdQvVlE3SzYjPFVzrKBTf4qMjswQP32ZMWLPtfYaL” alt=”A person wearing a suit and tie

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4.        Obianom Chiemerie Emmanuel, a 21-year-old baritone singer is from Anambra State. When he heard he was accepted to receive the MTN MUSON Scholarship in 2018, he “felt fulfilled like things were falling into place.” One of his favourite people is his mother, who raised him and his siblings alone.

<img title=”” src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/xuy40o2kCI6qN1mL7uMqRXONCXa5bqN2WjEZyYLkqEb-qKcyzG-9C3x90Vb6FqReOENiTBH9a7mRQ1ax3h_SmnkJSLmrH3odsUIj2N8Vtjs4_RotcUm5wxUzGiepJAiFlyTS5uUCgk0deOX7″ alt=”A person smiling for the camera

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5.        Igboanugo Onyinye Maryjane has always wanted to be a musician. She plays the clarinet like it is an extension of her hand! She just might pass out if she gets to perform with Nigerian singer, Simi.

<img title=”” src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/jewh7RRABNMWVoPPbqYBWZMPRzPV8eyRkAoD9gcygNiL5e6qdu8Sg2fuPNb6T9gPGduHhjvXJru-9VC8KmSa_-nOSHDAMg8qLDmHvo4zHrSqpQwaum7pzE2Y3KwKl6VBIn_pv9pPFbcshUIZ” alt=”A person smiling for the camera

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6.        Nwachukwu Gideon Uche is a Piano major who lives by his instrument. The 20-year-old once camped out in an office because it had the only piano he could have access to. Talk about dedication!

<img title=”” src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/sQ_cYWasdhj_-4tstXGlkMDg399Rzz_gU4YV791IKlOohfAPr4URONwnemv7iF5jYS6vyWeOd4gxL-JXAb-LMWZHs6iMfurl9TmrBeYCEAfspt8yIx6AUP5n49MyugFwWg_ecIeR352pOJUu” alt=”A person holding a guitar

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7.        Uzoma Chidinma Rita is a 19-year-old classical violinist. She admits that she can be a clown sometimes. But shared that life without the scholarship would have been “tough and easy all at once”. She wouldn’t stop giggling….


<img title=”” src=”https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/PPpqgboM6vkU_dBEelyqC0rybJxBI7pWkcquh0vTmzFDEE4FGoiuxv1_UR0pYkdpZKbu0AB6qoZuGwEzh5d1hBv5zaqtIHqe69xamirqncDmVC0gtNjyrgACNz3T_xQu2-vm68un-G6VD6TU” alt=”A person smiling for the camera

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8.        Macpherson Aghah is a 22-year-old pianist from Imo state. “I was so happy, I couldn’t control myself!”, he bounced as he shared how he heard he had gotten the scholarship.


<img title=”” src=”https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/x4IMCKLH8k3Br1h-mt7reJrZdNOYwd0W2-ncXoviAvRSNJpxCOIlTyFP2KDj8fjBeumw-BHhjoI2w3JL_6wwzWUwvIRAGfKrg5hCvihF97D_58im31pRDiOcnGykcpL7SGHutiot1fIYsgR9″ alt=”A person posing for a picture

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9.        Bolaji Anuoluwapo Temitope is a Soprano with the will of steel. Her parents’ decision to steer her off music never deterred her dream. She’s a go-getter with the voice of an angel. Her female celeb crush is Omawumi, “I love her!”

<img title=”” src=”https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/PprcGxgsgQ-o3jnfVepXexFvAcwcdsxzb7CrxeqbGBBgbScEDTCHzgPXrzMZADACYRA-YjcSIdHt51lHkY9_N90vA3fFgKnlBmxtzd8lNjrQ9CKDmwwAGwgsUPtOqSjK0APKsm0uVTHq4Hm9″ alt=”A person holding a violin

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10.        Femi Olawoyin (Femilin) is a violinist and violist. He has worked with artists like Kaline, Peruzzi, Sinach. He believes he will be one of the best violists of this time. He will be performing at the @mtnng MUSON concert on Monday, August 24, 2020.  

These ten are part of a larger class of thirty young people that are as driven and talented as their counterparts in any part of the world. They have declared that on Monday, everything we think we know about music will change and we are twiddling your fingers in anticipation! You can watch on YouTube as well!

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