The Cavemen. x Freeme Music: Looking Backwards and Forwards Simultaneously

As part of our commitment to partner and support the most promising indigenous talents,  Freeme Music is pleased to announce the official signing of ‘The Cavemen.’ to a License Partnership Deal.

The Cavemen. is a contemporary highlife band with a unique sound that serenades traditional highlife lovers while exposing new listeners to one of the most important genres in the history of Nigerian music. 

“We at Freeme Music are delighted to partner with The Cavemen. on their debut project. ROOTS is a journey through the history of highlife, effortlessly blending modern elements of soul, jazz, and afro-fusion. We are particularly excited to support this project because of the attention it brings to indigenous sound and culture. At Freeme Music, our mission is to promote and showcase African artists and their music to a global audience with a focus on Africa; and that is what this partnership is about for us. We do not just want to take Africa to the world, but rather, bring the world to Africa.” – Michael Ugwu, CEO Freeme Music 

The album is a creative vision that illustrates the group’s mastering of opening its audience up to new possibilities sonically and lyrically. The 16-track album takes cues from Fela Kuti, Stephen Osita Osadebe, Oliver de Coque, Rex Lawson, and many other great icons of Nigerian Highlife, particularly, Eastern-Nigerian Highlife. The group also pulls sonic aesthetics from Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Poetry, and Afro-Soul icons such as Gil Scott-Heron, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. The fusion of all these genres explores the intricacies of musical exchanges between Africa and its diasporas. Aptly titled ROOTS, the album is a love letter to the various musical soundscapes constructed in the old and new African diaspora. 

For The Cavemen., the partnership with Freeme Music ‘is a dream come true’. “With Freeme on our side, we are confident that our project will not only receive wide acceptance but will open more doors for unique and extraordinary African sounds across the world. Moreso, Freeme Music is well-equipped with the right talent, structure, and facilities that is needed to position this project-in all its authenticity-as one of the best projects out of Nigeria in the past decade.” – The Cavemen.

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